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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is used to treat all neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  What that means is chiropractors are trained to treat problems involving nerves, muscles, joints or bones. 

All pain is transmitted through nerves, so any compression of the nerve along the nerve pathway, commonly known as a “pinched nerve” can be identified and treated through chiropractic adjustments, traction therapy or other methods in our clinic.  

Back pain and joint pain is often caused by misalignments or restriction of movement in that joint.  Chiropractors don’t just realign the joints, but also restore normal motion through adjustments.  When alignment and normal motion is restored, the pain goes away.

A lot of patients will say I think is just a muscle thing, so how can an adjustment of my joint help?  Every muscle is attached to at least 2 different bones in your body.  Muscles work by shortening and allowing the bones to come closer to each other.  When you grip your steering wheel it’s because your finger bones have come closer to each other, because your muscles hold them closer.  When you open your grip, it is also because muscles on the backside of your fingers and wrist and arm pull the bones away.

Sometimes muscle spasm keeps the bones too close and does not allow for the free motion of the joint.  By adjusting the joints it allows the muscles to relax so joints move easier and you have less pain.  Dr. Prom will do a thorough exam based on your specific health issues and offer some treatment options for you.

At Springwater chiropractic we will treat you the same day as your exam if you choose that.